Cape Disappointment, October 13, 2018

We started the outings for the year at the beach, and finished the year also at Cape Disappointment.
There’s lots of black sand still, and there’s still lots of very fine gold in it! Prospectors had the most luck with Gold Cube separators but high-bankers also did well. Even with just a pan, it was likely to show color in each scoop.
Again, the weather was clear and shirt-sleeves were the uniform of the day.

The black sand is heavy, but it seems that the new Gold and Fish pamphlet is heavier still. But you better have it when you’re prospecting in Washington!

Cape Disappointment, Washington May 5, 2018

About a dozen of us met at Cape Disappointment on May 5th for some beach prospecting. The black sand was right on the surface and there was lots of it! First pans showed about 6–8 colors. The gold was very small, but when it showed up on the ribbed matting it really glittered in the sun. Jerry’s vial held quite a bit of fine gold plus some larger chunks.

The weather was beautiful, the tide was low, and the wind wasn’t too strong. All that plus gold! Really made a great outing.